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In a world where there are more programmers than ever before, our society needs a way to help young and old minds alike by getting their ideas recognized.


Our mission here at Triumph Software is to provide these entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to publish and grow their software products or ideas.

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We will hear out any ideas and attempt to make any new and innovative idea a reality by growing the software and eventually distributing to the world.


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  • June 2015

    The Beginning

    Dr. Don Gage from Bow High School approached Dylan W. Wheeler with a unique project the school wanted a student with tech experience to complete. The goal was to reduce paperwork and clutter.

  • August 2016

    Loggit Pilot

    After one year of development, the first stable version of the project was finished and titled Loggit. Bow's professional development committee adopted the software for its pilot run.

  • October 2016

    Triumph Software is Launched

    Loggit becomes branded under the software company Triumph Software LLC. This company becomes an umbrella company for a diversity of future software projects.

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Dylan W. Wheeler

Dylan W. Wheeler


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